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News Off-the-wall road trip game Jalopy coming to Xbox One in September


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Game: Jalopy

Platform: PC, XBox One

Publisher: Excalibur Games

Release Date: 01/11/2019 (Xbox One)

Jalopy, the slightly bizarre road trip simulation game set in the former Eastern Bloc, will be making its console debut on September 27 when it launches on the Xbox One.

Jalopy has caused quite a stir on the PC already and has amassed a very impressive tally of “half a million players” according to the publisher Excalibur Games. Jalopy saw its full release on Steam in March last year after around two years in Early Access bringing with it Steam trading cards, and full translation for eighteen languages.

You can get a rough idea of what to expect courtesy of the Xbox One announcement trailer (below) which is just as quirky as the game.

The world of Jalopy is procedurally generated. You will be driving endless miles while keeping one eye on the state of your vehicle’s tyres, fuel, engine and more. You’ll be expected to carry out repairs when needed as well as install upgrades to help keep you one step ahead of the ever-changing and challenging road conditions.

Besides day and night transitions, you’ll also encounter sunny and rainy conditions where you’ll need to adapt your driving and strategy to keep up the pace.

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