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Kevin Dooley


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Game: Obliteracers

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Deck 13

Release Date: 23/02/2016

With the recent release of Obliteracers on the PlayStation 4 console we take a first look at the title.

We kick off with the Midnight Mayhem knockout event with eight racers competing against each other trying their best to either race the others off the screen or destroy them with powerups. The Midnight setting really showcases the game’s nice lighting and particle effects which we thought were particularly impressive.

The second event sees us compete in an Endurance event with a total of 12 players which was completely chaotic. So crazy is the action in fact that it’s very easy to actually lose track of where your vehicle is which can send you skidding off the course.

Check the crazy Obliteracers action below.

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