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News Numskull budget wheel test, is it any good?


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Having the right peripheral for the job is critical when it comes to enjoying your gaming, potentially making play easier, more intuitive and more fun. In the case of steering wheels, this is an essential element to getting more from your gaming experience. But the cost can be off-putting to many, especially if the wheel is for younger gamers who perhaps may not require a professional piece of kit. So, to fill that gap, Numskull offers a racing wheel for a price point of just £49.99. But is it any good? Can you play competitively at any level or is it just a complete and utter waste of time?

First impressions, the wheel is what you expect, it’s small, plastic, no force feedback, the pedals are tiny and there no desk clamp, instead relying on suction cups. The wheel is programmable and works across PS4, XB One and PC. Essentially replicating the feedback from the controller. I’ve explained more about this and my findings in the video below.

So, what do we take away? For kids or those who want something to play with for fun, it’s fine. If you’re prepared to practice, you can compete and win online, meanwhile, this works as a great entry to the world of racing games. We even found surprising benefits when it came to braking and we might even learn a thing or two when it comes to our set-up. As ever it’s worth noting that wheels don’t give you the skills, a good player will always be a good player, but a decent wheel won’t do any harm when looking for improvements.

Suffice to say, the Numskull wheel does what it is supposed to do. No frills, nothing genre-defining but not a waste either and more than enough for young budding racing drivers out there everywhere.

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