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News Next Car Game crashes onto Kickstarter, new playable FlatOut prototype released


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Game: Wreckfest

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Bugbear Entertainment, THQ Nordic

Release Date: 27/08/2019 (PS4 & XONE)

Bugbear have started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund their tentatively titled Next Car Game, a spiritual successor to the fabled FlatOut series that aims to revive the retired demolition derby genre. Next Car Game represents the game Finnish developer BugBear have always wanted to make, but could never get backing from publishers who believe that the demolition derby has diminished and therefore has no market.

Their passionate pledge has certainly garnered a lot of attention from the community, who were left in awe by its incredibly advanced soft body deformation damage system – the Kickstarter campaign follows a successful Steam Greenlight campaign, which was greenlit in just 13 days. BugBear must be rubbing their hands with glee now that they can now prove the publishers wrong, as there quite clearly is demand for the destructive racer. 


BugBear are seeking $350,000 – at the time of writing, they have raised over $50,000, with 23 days to go. If the campaign is successful, they have a number of stretch goals in mind – although the only one they are revealing is a next generation port of Next Car Game onto PS4 and Xbox One with a $1.5 million stretch goal.

Backers will even get the opportunity to name the final game before we get too attached to referring to the game as 'Next Car Game': "Since our efforts in coming up with a credible name were pretty rotten we will give you as a backer a unique chance to participate in choosing the final name for the game!"  


Next Car Game's phyics will apparently be powered by the very same foundations used in the 10 year old prototype – the developer who originally wrote the code is even working on Next Car Game. You can download the prototype for free on Next Car Game's Kickstarter page

As a FlatOut fanatic and sadistic lover of car destruction, I wish BugBear the best of luck in finishing Next Car Game, and hope to get a hands-on with it soon to bring you more coverage. 

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