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News New screenshots, videos and details released for Automobilista Motorsports


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Game: Automobilista Motorsports Simulator

Platform: PC

Publisher: Reiza Studios

Release Date: 24/08/2015

Developer Reiza Studios have released a plethora of new details for their upcoming PC racing sim Automobilista Motorsports which is said to be releasing on Steam “very soon”.

Among the new details are a bunch of new screenshots showing some classic Formula race cars and karts in action along with a couple of new videos which include some drifting action along with giving us a tantalising glimpse of a V10 Formula car tearing up the race track and sounding awesome (all of which can be seen across this article).

Automobilista Motorsports (AMS) is the successor to Stock Car Extreme and will include a number of new features, content and racing disciplines. AMS will once again simulate several Brazilian racing series such as Stock Car V8, Copa Pertrobras de Marcas, Formula 3 Brasil and the Mitsubishi Lancer cup.

However beyond the Brazilian series mentioned above AMS will also feature GP racing with V6 turbos, V8 DFVs, V10's and V12 variants all included which span each decade starting from the 1970's. Additionally you'll also be able to get behind the wheel of a rental kart or perhaps you prefer drifting with a Mitsubishi Evo X, AMS has you covered (check out the video below).

Reiza Studios have announced that cars with old-style gearbox mechanisms will require “proper gear engagement” by using a clutch or by synchronising revs. Whilst high down force cars will actually create aerodynamic wake (or turbulence if you prefer) for the cars following behind.

Furthermore, AMS will feature dynamic tracks which turn the racing line ever grippier over time with a build up of “marbles” off of the racing line. Reiza have even included tire damage and dirt pickup to further simulate the driving experience when racing.

Check out the V10 Formula car in action and some new screens below.

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