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News New screenshots for vehicular combat title Crossout showcase desert environment


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Gaijin Entertainment and Targem Games have released some new screenshots of their team-based multiplayer vehicle combat PC MMO Crossout.

The new screens showcase a rather intimidating looking desert environment called “Rock City”. Rock City features a harsh desert environment which is home to a refugee camp supplied by a nearby dam. The camp is set on a large rock to keep occupants safe from strikes and treasure hunters.

According to the developers, teams will battle to capture the camp in the centre of the map. The best tactic is not to simply rush straight in but to use the environment's rocks and winding canyons to your advantage to get behind enemy lines in a stealthy manner.

To get a better idea of Crossout take a look at the very first gameplay trailer, which was released last month, below.

In Crossout you battle against other players with your custom built and upgraded vehicle. Vehicles can vary from small, nimble and speedy buggies right up to the big and heavy off-road juggernauts depending on what suits your style. You design your vehicle from scratch choosing a number of parameters including its shape, armour, weapons, support systems as well as any cosmetic parts. Weapons on offer include chainsaws, power drills, machine guns and rocket launchers.

Crossout recently completed its first week of battle testing which spawned thousands of newly created combat vehicles. The developers plan to carry out a second battle testing phase soon, you can sign up for future testing on the official website. Take a look the Rock City environment screenshots in the gallery below.

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