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News New screens for F-Zero Inspired Acro Storm released


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After an extended quiet (and no doubt busy) period, developer Blue Comet Games have been releasing some new screenshots this month of their F-Zero, Wipeout and Extreme G inspired futuristic racer Acro Storm.

You'll get access to a variety of weapons too although no details have been disclosed as of now. However we are aware that you can reflect and redirect projectile weapons towards your enemies by spinning your hover-bike.

Impressively all 12 characters in Acro Storm will have their own story “each has a reason for doing what they do” say Blue Comet Games. Also featured is bike customisation which gives you the opportunity to mix and match certain body parts depending on the type of bike your riding, so far new engines (performance) and headframes (handling) have been confirmed.

The development team are working on implementing an online multiplayer mode to their game which should have a range of network features, Blue Comet Game say they will reveal more on this at a later date. Also planned for Acro Storm is a track editing feature which as the name suggests, allows you freedom to create your own custom courses. We'll keep an eye out on Acro Storm for you and provide updates as they happen, for now why not take a peak at the new screenshots in the gallery below.

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