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News New Ride release date announced for Xbox One and Xbox 360


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Game: Ride

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Milestone S.r.l

Release Date: 27/03/2015

Today was release day for Milestone's bike racing IP Ride on PS4, PS3 and PC, but what about Xbox One and Xbox 360 users? Many of you have been asking about the whereabouts of Ride on Microsoft' consoles, but now Milestone have confirmed a new release date.

Xbox One and Xbox 360 users will have to wait an extra two weeks to play Ride – it's official release date is now April 10th. Milestone's track record with the Xbox One isn't exactly stellar given that MotoGP '14 was never released, so this will no doubt add more fuel to the fire for disgruntled players. Edit: it seems this delay also applies to all formats apart from PC in Europe. The UK is the exception, as Ride released as planned on March 27th for PS4, PS3 and PC.

No reason has been cited for the delay. Having said that, Milestone recently revealed that they have been working with Microsoft to free up resources, optimise the performance and upgrade Ride's resolution to 1080p after it was initially running at 900p. Restricting the resolution has been a common pitfall for new Xbox One releases lately, so Milestone's insistance on achieving 1080p could explain the delay.

We'll be putting Ride through its paces in our upcoming PC video content and the final written review, but for now you can read some of our thoughts in our in-depth preview and written interview and watch our first look at the PS4 version in action below.

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