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News New Racecraft update adds chase cam, weekly hotlap events and more


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Game: Racecraft

Platform: PC

Publisher: Vae Victis

Release Date: 04/03/2016

Vae Victis have released a new update for their procedural track racing game Racecraft, featuring improved UI navigation, bug fixes and added gamepad support.

The main highlights of the update however are the new Weekly Hotlap Events, challenging players to set the fastest times on custom tracks created by the developers. Each event will start on the Friday of each week racing you against player ghosts of the fastest times. "We added this mode to start creating some engagement, to add some sort of multiplayer dynamics before the real multiplayer and to give an answer to all who liked to have preset tracks on which they can improve their times lap after lap," the developer explains. 

Another notable new feature added in the update is a chase camera. It may not sound like a revolutionary feature in a racing game, but it makes Racecraft accessible to a wider range of players. "I know it’s a staple for racing games and it’s not so popular among hardcore simmers, but we finally added the Chase Cam," the team commented. "It wasn’t available earlier because we had some graphical issues related to the track generation." Ironic to see a game add a chase camera." 

Other new features include support for Steam and PS4 controllers, performance optimisation and improved UI. A full list of changes in the Racecraft 0.3.0 update can be found below: 

Racecraft 0.3.0 update changelog

– Added Weekly Hotlap Events

– Added support for Steam Controller, PS3 and PS4 gamepads

– Improved UI

– Optimized track saving

– Various bug fixes
Racecraft is currently available on Steam Early Access

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