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News New PlayStation Update 3.50 Remote Play to Windows and Macintosh


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In a blog post earlier today Sony confirmed the release of its latest update for its home consoles operating system which is available as of now (April 6th). The release with the intriguing internal title MUSASHI contains a number of improved and new features for the PS eco system as well as the usual bug fixes and patches

The option to appear offline has now been added in a new Online Status section of the profile tab allowing as the name suggests you to keep your activities online. (Handy if your trying to have a sneaky gaming session.) Individual friend's activities can also now be customised notifying you via separate notifications when requested.

Event Scheduling has now been added allowing for an Outlook-like organisation of your gaming sessions with fellow players from right within the PlayStation UI. No more doodle or Facebook events required anymore. These can be posted via community groups or sent as a message to individuals. These features will also be available via the PlayStation app.

Teens will now be able to create their own PlayStation account in an easier manner. Anyone aged between 13 and 17 can now create their own account in offline mode (until parents approve the account and complete the parental control settings.)

Another new feature Play Together will allow all members of a Party to see what each other is playing letting you quickly join a friend’s game, or start a new game together


The big feature release in this update is the extension of remote play to PCs and Macs. After a quick software install and with the use of a Dual Shock controller you can play your PS4 console from afar.

Resolution Options: 360p, 540p, 720p (Default: 540p)

Frame Rate : Standard (30fps), High (60fps) (Default: Standard)

There’s a few software requirements found in the link above but broadly the app should be available to any Windows user with 8.1 or later or Apple Mac owners on OS X 10.10 / 10.11

Remember with PS4 Automatic Downloads can be turned on via these instructions

Addition: It seems since the release a number of features have been discovered by PS4 owners that arent listed in the offical patch notes. For full details of these you can check out the mega thread over on Reddit.

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