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We highly doubt Nobuhiro "Monster" Tajima would have been very happy with the news that emerged from Colarado earlier today. After setting two record times at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb in the last few years, Tajima no longer holds the coveted 'King of the Hill' title.

That now belongs to New Zealand-born American racer Rhys Millen (yes, the one who's releated to both Rod and Stuart Millen), who managed to pip the 'Monster's record run up the fabled route by just over five seconds, with the new time to beat at next year's event along the 12.42 mile route being 9:46.164.

The purists may still reckon Nobuhiro is still the man who rules the roost, on the basis that this year's Pikes Peak is the first time the entire route has consisted of tarmac, but that shouldn't discount the phenomenal achievement made by Rhys Millen. Dust surface or not, it takes a ton of talent to keep a car on track for over 12 miles.

Especially when that car is a Rhys Millen Racing-prepped Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Sure, it has a trick aero package and wider, stickier tyres to make the most of the full asphalt surface, but the Hyundai packs a truly phenomenal 700hp under the bonnet.

We congratulate Rhys Millen and the team who made his mighty machine for their superb victory – we knew from beforehand that Rhys would set out to break the fabled ten-minute barrier, but it would always be an effort to beat Tajima's record. The fact he did by that margin, when other drivers were involved in unfortunate crashes such as this, makes that achievment even more remarkable.

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