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News New Onrush screenshots bring back memories of MotorStorm, June release date confirmed


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Game: Onrush

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Deep Silver

Release Date: 05/06/2018

When Onrush was first announced, it seemingly answered our prayers for fun arcade racers to make a belated comeback. With an emphasis on intricate tracks, speed and destruction, the action-packed debut trailer looked like a heavenly hybrid of MotorStorm and TrackMania. Currently on track for a summer release, Onrush is the work of former Evolution Studios developers at Codemasters that previously worked on DriveClub and MotorStorm. Codemasters has been quiet about the new arcade racer since it was announced last October, but now the silence has been broken with the release of two new screenshots and pre-order bonus details. 

Onrush screenshot

The new screenshots showcase some stunningly detailed environments and a variety of vehicles including off-road buggies, bikes and rally cars that instantly brings back memories of MotorStorm. The mud looks particularly realistic – fans will no doubt remember the impressive mud physics in MotorStorm, which was a great graphical showcase of the PS3 at the time. All screenshots were also taken in the game's photo mode with a 360-degree camera, so you'll be able to share screenshots of vehicular smash-ups with the community. You'll also be able to adjust camera’s shutter speed, zoom and focus distance to get the perfect action shot. 

In addition, Onrush's pre-order bonuses have been confirmed. Pre-ordering on PlayStation 4 will give you access to an exclusive early access beta in May. A deluxe edition is also available, which includes eight exclusive vehicle designs, a deluxe crashtag, two unique tombstones, a special vortex buggy and eight console exclusive designs. Details of an exclusive digital Xbox Deluxe Edition will also be announced.

Onrush deluxe edition

As for a release date, Codemasters has confirmed that Onrush will be crashing onto PS4 and Xbox One June 5th. A PC version will follow at a later date.

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