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News New gameplay footage of futuristic 3DS racer Lifespeed


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Wee Man Studios have released some new gameplay footage of their upcoming futuristic racing title Lifespeed. The 3DS racer is currently scheduled for a late summer release this year (probably September) and will launch on the eShop for a very reasonable £4.99.

Lifespeed's story mode will pit you up against your competitors in order to solve galactic disputes which will help to ensure your home planet's survival. If you die in the race your planet is stripped of all resources and then destroyed.

Lifespeed features a full 360 degree control scheme which includes climbing and descending, you also have the ability to do some cool looking barrel rolls.

We'll keep on eye on this 3DS racer and update you guys as soon as we know more. For now take a look at some gameplay footage below which gives us a taster of Lifespeed's tutorial track which is played at the professional difficulty setting. Let us know what you think of it in the comments section.

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