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News New features revealed for Codemasters’ F1 2012


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The crew at Codemasters Racing seem to be very tight lipped about pre-release details regarding its upcoming flagship title. Apart from a few little snippets here and there that we'd come to expect from game developers now (i.e. "we've improved the gameplay, graphics and physics" or something along those lines), things have been very quiet since E3.

Thankfully, we've now got a few more details about the game's content that hadn't been revealed, courtesy of's interview with Andy Gray, the Communications Manager at Codemasters.

In the podcast, littered amongst all the other details we already know about – redesigned suspension settings, a redesigned main menu, the introduction of new features like localised weather and the Young Drivers' Test etc – it's announced that a new 'voice-over feature has now been added, courtesy of professional racing driver and long-time Codemasters assistant Anthony Davidson's vocals.

Details are quite scarce on this implementation, but we gather it's similar to how Tiff Needell was used in Eutechnyx's fun-but-flawed Ferrari Challenge – the former Brawn GP test driver will now be guiding you on how to drive and position the car on track, providing little bits of advice to make you a better racer.

This sounds very interesting to us. Not only should it help spice up racing in online and single player modes, with drivers having to adapt to loads of different variables, but it also sounds a lot like real F1 racing. Which, for a game that strives to be the most accurate interpretation of the sport in a racing game to date, can only be a good thing.

If you want to listen to the entire podcast, we've got it below. But do keep checking our main news page – after all, Gamescom and the title's release date in mid/late September isn't too far away now, and we're sure there'll be plenty of interesting announcements being made in the coming weeks.

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