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News New Fanatec CSL Seat bundles available


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Fanatec recently had a new addition to their line-up of racing peripherals with the launch of the CSL seat. Inspired by an original seat of the GTR series, it features six different adjustable positions and premium quality micro-fibre carpeting. For me, though, its biggest selling point is the lack of central pole, a common design feature found in racing seats that intrudes your performance when its grinding against your shins as your feet dance on the pedals.

While the wheel is currently for sale standalone on Fanatec's website for €299.95/$299.95, two additional bundles have been released for those who don't currently own a Fanatec wheel. 

First up is the CSL Seat Porsche Edition. Available to buy for $399.95, it includes the officially licensed 911 GT3 RS Wheel, CSR Wheels and the CSL Seat.

Europeans will have the option to buy the CSL Seat Forza Motorsport Edition for €499.95. Predictably, it will include the CSR Wheel, CSR Pedals and the CSL Seat.

All in all, a pretty good value bundle – the CSR Seat Forza Motorsport Edition saves you  €80 if they were bought separately. It's just a shame the bundle doesn't include the much superior CSR Elite Pedals, and don't forget you will still need to fork out for a gear shifter if you desire one. 


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