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News New DriveClub gameplay videos reveal new locations and advanced AI


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Game: Drive Club

Platform: PS4

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release Date: 07/10/2014

Evolution's first showing of the recently delayed DriveClub since its unceremonious delay left us with ample optimism. Compared to what we saw at Eurogamer with its bare-bones content and choppy frame rate, the progress shown in the latest build looks stunning, indicating that delaying the anticipated PS4 project was the right decision. 

Captured using the PS4's built-in Share facility, Evolution has released another batch of brief gameplay videos showcasing a multitude of locations in stunning 1080p.

The first takes us back to Scotland, DriveClub's prime UK location first seen during its unveil at E3, where we get to see the advanced AI in action as a couple of daring drivers dart ahead of the pack. It's also a good example of DriveClub's savage engine sounds, which are still said to be undergoing improvements along with the AI, lighting and even the mirror reflections:


The next video treats us to a first look at one of DriveClub's more exotic locales set in Bandipur, a tropical dry forest region in India. It's an onslaught of fast cars, narrow roads and copious foilage:


Lastly, we head back to Norway for some sideways action, as the player skillfully holds a drift around a hairpin corner. As we learned from our in-depth interview with Evolution, DriveClub will contain a unique drifting mode that rewards points based on the speed of your drift. 


Still want more DriveClub? Turns out you won't have long to wait – these brief snippets all serve to tease the first gameplay video of a full race in DriveClub, which will be released sometime this week according to Evolution.

We'll also have part two of our developer interview on the site soon, where we delve deep under the bonnet to learn everything we can about DriveClub's exhaustive development process. 

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