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News New Distance gameplay video showcases new experimental features


Martin Bigg


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Game: Distance

Platform: PC, PS4

Publisher: Refract Studios

Release Date: 18/09/2018

After months of silence, indie developer Refract Studios has released a new gameplay video of their Tron-inspired survival racer Distance, showcasing some of the new experimental developments that have been implemented into the game during the private alpha as a result of feedback from backers.

Among the new features seen in the gameplay video include visuals synced to music, teleportation and new obstacles such as an active buzzsaw, which sheers the futuristic car in half on impact – perhaps the community was influenced by some of the car crushing action in Next Car Game?


Still no news on a final release for Distance, with Refract frankly stating it will be released “when it’s ready”, but you can preorder the beta via Humble Store.

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