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News New content and features incoming for Game Stock Car 2013


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Reiza Studios has announced it'll be updating its PC sim racer Game Stock Car 2013 in the coming months with a raft of new updates that are currently in the works.

Whilt Reiza refused to delve into any specific details in the official announcement, other than that the content will be "a mix of licenced and fictional", the Brazilian simulation racing game developer confirmed there'll be "a constant flow of developments, including new cars, new tracks and new simulation features".

It was also announced that these content and feature updates would be free for everyone who owns Game Stock Car 2013, and (intriguingly, perhaps) the content in question will be "diverse" and "largely international" in its focus – whilst GSC2013 is certainly diverse in the amount of racing disciplines it currently covers in the PC sim, they're all either most prominent or largely exclusive to the Brazilian motorsports scene.

No release dates were disclosed, but Reiza has gone on the record to say there'll be more news on the upcoming content "in the near future", so keep your eyes peeled on the Team VVV news page for the upcoming GSC2013 announcements.

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