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News New Assetto Corsa Technology Preview build and trailer released


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Game: Assetto Corsa

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: 505 Games

Release Date: 19/12/2014

​It's been a few weeks since PC players were finally granted access to the highly anticipated Assetto Corsa Technology Demo, but this hasn't stopped Kunos churning out some updates while we wait for the full fat final game.

This latest 0.9.9 build contains two different game modes: free practice and hotlap. 

From the press release: "AC Technology Preview supports all main types of control devices: keyboard, Xpad 360, customizable joypad, joysticks as well as steering wheels such as the Fanatec ClubSport Series. It is also compatible with NaturalPoint's Track IR. 

The latest build improves some graphics features, guarantees a better compatibility with old control devices and adds 18 official Lotus liveries. More information about the changes of this version are available on changelog.txt."

Here's the complete changelog detailing the various fixes:



  • Fixed high spike % due to incorrect thread synchronization
  • Fixed car remaining on gas when returning to pits
  • New system to avoid redundant calls to DirectInput (thanks Fredric!)

User Interface

  • Potential fix for the laggy launcher UI after returning from a session
  • More debbuging output during the controller configuration screen
  • Further .ini validation and formatting on launch
  • Fix for kmh/mph unit selection



  • Fixed DirectInput controls not getting initialized on lost focus
  • Fixed double bound on Cubemap render target
  • Optimizations on motion blur
  • Optimizations on cube maps depth buffer
  • Fixed camera exposure on F5 view after first start
  • Fixed spikes strings to a more readable format
  • Reduce steer damper
  • Added 100Hz cap to FF sends to avoid problems with some steering wheels
  • Fixed steer lock management for wheels with <900 degs rotations
  • Fixed division by zero with uncalibrated controls
  • Improved car reflections
  • Improved light glass reflections
  • Improved instruments texture
  • Improved exposure value for external views
  • Improved exposure value for F5 view
  • Improved tarmac texture of Magione Circuit
  • Corrected rear brake lights. Only inner lights light up.
  • Fixed minor issue on 3D model. Closed hole on front bonnet.

User Interface

  • Corrections on the controls options
  • Fixed issues with a wide range of controllers
  • Fixed various typo errors
  • You can assign any analog function to any axis (i.e. braking on clutch and clutch on the middle pedal)
  • Improved screen resolution selection
  • You can now lock steering wheel movement in cockpit view
  • You can now eliminate the driver arms in cockpit view
  • Fixed issue with firewall program that locked AssettoCorsa.exe
  • Added skin selection button template in .psd in the skins folder.
  • Added skin selection

Authentic Lotus cars ltd colours available as skin selection

  • Ardent Red
  • Artic Silver
  • Aspen White
  • Autumn Bronze
  • Canyon Red
  • Carbon Grey
  • Chrome Orange
  • Graphite Grey
  • Motorsport Green
  • Nightfall Blue
  • Racing Green
  • Racing Green Stripe
  • Sienna Brown
  • Solar Yellow
  • Starlight Black
  • Isotope Green
  • Laser Blue


  • wind sample corrected

Furthermore, a new official promotional video for the Technology video has been released featuring the playable Lotus Elise in action, whilst highlighting Assetto Corsa's authentic driving physics and great graphical prowess, particularly on the intricate interiors, which you can view below on the TeamVVV channel:

How have you been getting on with the Technology Demo? Let us know in the comments below, on our Facebook page or on our forum in the official Assetto Corsa thread

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