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News Need for Speed: Rivals adds Undercover cops, brings back car customisation


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Game: Need For Speed Rivals

Platform: PC, PS3, XB360

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Release Date: 15/11/2013

Car customisation used to be a staple feature in Need for Speed, but in more recent iterations it has gradually been given less prominence. While it was partially restored in last year's Most Wanted, those hoping to personalise their cars with all manner of liveries and crazy colour schemes were left disappointed – Criterion's take on Need for Speed was decidedly different, favouring unlockable mechanic upgrades and perks stock cars.

With Need for Speed: Rivals, however, car personalisation is making a comeback. 

Players will be able to pimp their ride with a plethora of paint and livery options offering "millions" of possible combinations according to Executive Producer Marcus Nilsson, who took to the stage to provide an in-game demonstration of Rivals' high-octane police pursuits and the new career progression system with Speedlists, which act as selectable player objectives. In an interesting twist, you will be able to bank speedlist points and and place bets on achieving objectives such as evading the police, which earns you additional points to spend on upgrades or risk losing points as the stakes continue to raise. 


This led to the unveil of a new playable class of cop in Rivals: Undercover Cops. If you opt to play as a cop, you will also be able to carve a career as a Patrol or Enforcer – although it isn't clear how these classes will differ, we presume that the class of car and weapons will vary.  

While a tad gimmicky, it's a welcome new dimension for the police chases that will hopefully add a more tactical element to the police chases in tandom with the various weapons at your disposal – something that was sorely missing in Most Wanted compared to Hot Pursuit. 


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