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Game: Need for Speed

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Release Date: 03/11/2015

We continue our Need for Speed coverage with a look at a race in the Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

The race is circuit-based and consists of two laps and we're up against six other AI drivers. We select the bonnet cam and put the pedal to the metal to quickly eat up the 9 miles required to finish the race. Check out the action below.

We noticed that during gameplay (even in races) you tend to get phone calls here and there, sometimes at the most inappropriate times too (although perhaps not as bad as in say Father Ted) and it makes you wish you could throw your phone out of the window. Another little annoyance is the fact that we found it unclear which of the various lamp posts we could hit and get away with and some are quite punishing so it's best to avoid all lamp posts when driving (we'd make great driving instructors huh?).

Seeing the downtown area in the distance is really teasing as you cannot actually access the area much to our frustration. Need for Speed has gotten very mixed reviews so far, we'll be sharing more of our thoughts on the reboot shortly and our review will be arriving in the coming weeks. Let us know how you are getting on with Need for Speed in the comments.

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