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News Need for Speed Payback’s car classes and customisation options detailed


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Game: Need for Speed Payback

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Release Date: 10/11/2017

The first concrete post-E3 details on Need for Speed Payback's car customisation features have been disclosed by developer Ghost Games.

Much like prior Need for Speed releases, Need for Speed Payback provides players with a broad array of parts to modify their vehicles with, with most of the more eye-catching options being exterior components.

For instance, on top of the array of wheel and body parts previewed in prior Need for Speed Payback promotional material, players will also be able to customise their cars with what Ghost Games is calling 'Vanity Part's. Examples of 'vanity parts' in Need for Speed Payback range from coloured nitrous flames and tyre smoke, to more notable features such as underglow neon lights and air suspension systems.

Modifications that affect the performance of the player's car also play a part in Need for Speed Payback's customisation aspects. Split across six different categories ('Block', 'Head', 'Turbo', 'ECU', 'Transmission' and 'Exhaust' ), these parts can only be acquired as either a randomised prize upon completing events, or by viewing the constantly-rotating stock of parts in the Part Shops located across the game world.

Like Need for Speed 2015, each part in Need for Speed Payback comes with a performance level that affects the performance of the vehicle they're attached to. Furthermore, these modifications can also come with part-specific 'perks', and fitting multiple parts from the same brand will also give the player's car a performance boost.

Further customisation options come in the form of the five 'Derelict' cars in Need for Speed Payback. Unlike the remaining cars in the game, which are locked into one of the five vehicle classes ('Race', 'Off-Road', 'Drag', 'Drift' and 'Runner' ) upon acquiring them, the Derelicts can be built up to whatever class the player desires.

However, in order to endow a car class on a Derelict, the player will need to first make it a complete vehicle by locating all of the required car parts that are scattered across the game world The Derelict will also be permanently locked into the selected car class – though a stock version of the car will be made available from one of the in-game car dealerships once players have completed their original Derelict build.

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