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Just in time for this weekend's stirring Daytona 500, Eutechnyx's aptly named NASCAR 14 raced into stores this week – providing you reside in the US, that is. As is always the case with NASCAR games, us Europeans have to wait until the end of next month to get in on the grid, but this delay is thankfully nowhere near as long as some NASCAR games in the past. From a business perspective, NASCAR doesn't have anywhere near as big a following as it does in its homeland, but it's frustrating nonetheless for its European fanbase. 

All was not lost however, as VVV's resident US correspondent and self-confessed NASCAR fanatic Cody managed to get his hands on the Xbox 360 version and bring us a first look, exploring all the available options and even taking the time to create a custom VVV livery which we approve of, before delving into his first race to find out if NASCAR '14 can redeem the series after several serviceable but ultimately forgettable titles before Eutechnyx took over the license from EA. 


As someone who admittedly only ever tunes into NASCAR to watch some spectacular pile-ups (I'm not sadistic or anything, honestly), this first look was a bit too clean for my liking. After-all, crashing is as integral to NASCAR as turning left lap-after-lap – perhaps we'll ask Cody to do some crash testing on our behalf. Either way, expect more NASCAR '14 videos from Cody soon as he delves deeper into the game.

For those asking, it doesn't look as if the Xbox 360 version will be available in the UK, as a quick check on Amazon only lists the PC and PS3 versions. Call us bewildered. 

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