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News MXGP Pro’s US release date announced


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Game: MXGP

Platform: PC, PS3, XB360

Publisher: PQube

Release Date: 18/11/2014

Milestone has announced its upcoming motocross simulator MXGP Pro will release on July 10 in the US on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

MXGP Pro is the sequel to last year’s MXGP 3 and can be viewed as MXGP 4. However, developer Milestone is pushing hard for realism this time, hence the rebranding of the title.

Indeed, Milestone is aiming for MXGP Pro to be the most realistic motocross experience to date thanks to the newly added pro physics that promise more of a “mechanical approach” to deliver a more realistic feel.

The grip system, collisions, and in air physics have been reworked in MXGP Pro, which should equate to more realistic rider movements integrated with the bike and affected by the bike’s impact on different terrains.

Real-world MXGP riders Tim Gajser, Tony Cairoli, and Gautier Paulin offered their expertise to help Milestone achieve an authentic representation of the motocross sport. Tim Gajser explained how to have fun whipping, scrubbing, and passing through whoops sections. Tony Cairoli provided his feedback on start and braking precision, and Gautier Paulin explained how to control the ruts and take corners at high-speed.

mxgp pro

This year we have been able to completely redefine the physics and the entire gameplay experience of MXGP,” said Luca Simonotti, Lead Designer at Milestone. “We started from the analysis of suspension, we compared the pressure with fork extensions as well as single shock-absorbers using the same values of official MXGP athletes’ bikes; the same process has been done with the ECU mapping. Moreover, thanks to the exclusive partnership with official MXGP riders Tim Gajser, Tony Cairoli, and Gautier Paulin we have been able to receive qualitative feedbacks on areas of improvements towards the whole development process. It has been a unique experience for us to be on track with them and we are proud of the results achieved.”

MXGP Pro will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on July 10 in the US and June 29 in the UK.

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