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News MXGP is being developed on Vita simultaneously – first gameplay video


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Game: MXGP

Platform: PC, PS3, XB360

Publisher: PQube

Release Date: 18/11/2014

Over Two years have passed since the launch of the PlayStation Vita, and the racing genre is still criminally underrepresented. It's a crying shame, too, as the Vita has proven numerous times that it's is more than capable of replicating full fat console experiences on the go.

In terms of racing games, Need for Speed: Most Wanted remains the clear pinnacle of Sony's portable powerhouse, but it's Milestone that's single-handedly kept the wheels turning while other developers stopped supporting the Vita, with last year's faithful handheld ports of MotoGP '13 and WRC4 (belated review and video content on those coming soon).  

Mercifully, MXGP will also be getting the Vita treatment upon release. It's a decidedly different animal to Milestone's last Vita efforts, however.

Unlike MotoGP '13 and the WRC series which were direct ports, MXGP is being simultaneously developed on Vita alongside the PS3 game, meaning that Milestone can fully utilise the hardware to deliver a more authentic experience retaining the lighting effects, physics and dual stick controls included in the console game.


There are a few concessions, though. As you'll see in the video above, the graphical detail has understandably been reduced to reflect the less powerful hardware. The Vita version will also only have 10 riders on screen compared to the console game's 16, but it's the removal of the terrain deformation that will possibly be the most detrimental omission. It's one of the staple features of the console version that affects the gameplay over the course of the game, thus eliminating some of the difficulty in the Vita game, presumably. 

Still, it's unlikely that these setbacks will prevent MXGP from being a sublime and authentic motocross experience, especially when the Vita has been so cruelly deprived of racing games as of late. The fact that Milestone are developing MXGP independently on Vita is a clear sign that they are more confident with the device after their years of experience working with the hardware – this could be the most essential Vita racing game since Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

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