MXGP developer diary motion captures a Monster Energy girl - Team VVV

News MXGP developer diary motion captures a Monster Energy girl


Martin Bigg


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Game: MXGP

Platform: PC, PS3, XB360

Publisher: PQube

Release Date: 18/11/2014

One of MotoGP '13's defining features was its motion captured rider animations, which heightened the realism considerably capturing the nuances of the rider and bike behavior with commendable authenticity. This is set to be repeated in MXGP as demonstrated in a new developer diary. However, in this case the point-of-focus is not a rider, but a Monster Energy girl. Because no motocross event would be complete without Monster girls, and it's all in the name of Milestone's quest for absolute realism after all. 

Model Grace Leslie Rowe was invited to Milestone to wear a skin-tight suit and jiggle around the studio. Strictly for motion capturing purposes, of course. The developer proudly points out that this is the first time a Monster Energy girl has been featured in a game of this ilk.



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