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News MXGP 2 to be announced in September


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Game: MXGP 2

Platform: PC

Publisher: Milestone S.r.l

Release Date: 07/04/2016

This year, we've so far seen two motorcycle games from Milestone with Ride and MotoGP '15. However, there is now a third on the horizon: MXGP 2.

The sequel to 2013's motocross MXGP game has yet to be officially announced, but an advert on the back of this month's MCV reveals an announcement is coming in September. 

With Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO also  in development, Milestone currently have a hectic release schedule, to say the least. Given that Sebastien Loeb Rally EVO was originally meant to be released later this year before it was delayed until early 2016, it's unlikely we'll be seeing MXGP 2 until next year as well. 

The original MXGP was ported onto PS4 last year with improved graphics, audio and larger grids, which we reviewed.

What would you like to see improved in MXGP 2?

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