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Game: Dirt Rally

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: Codemasters

Release Date: 07/12/2015

Codemasters have released DiRT Rally's v.0.7 update which along with many additions includes competitive online play for the recently added Rallycross content.

Along with the exciting new multiplayer competitive mode DiRT Rally also gains a new Norwegian World Rallycross track which goes by the sinister name of Hell. Following the tradition with DiRT Rally updates, this update comes with three new cars: the DS3, Mini Countryman Rallycross and the Subaru WRX STI.

Codemasters have teased their next update which will be heading to Finland for “the fastest and most exciting update yet”. We'll keep you abreast of all things DiRT Rally, let us know how you are getting on with DiRT Rally's competitive multiplayer in the comments. Take a look at the full changelog below.

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DiRT Rally v.0.7 changelog

A new World RX track – Hell, Norway

New Rallycross drivers including, Liam Doran and Petter Solberg

Wet weather for all Rallycross tracks

Three new cars: DS3, MINI Countryman Rallycross and Subaru WRX STI

Brand new Wager Daily Event

Some new advanced gamepad options

Added a “Very Early” option for your Co-Driver calls

A frankly amazing set of Hints and Tips for you to read during loading screens

Removed the additional time penalty when the Off Track Reset Countdown expires and upped the limit on the timer

We’ll now show you your ‘Fastest lap’ onscreen for an entire Rallycross Event

Clutch Override which will give you the ability to use your clutch to override the automatic gearbox clutch

*bleep bloop* new achievements

Added a toggle for ‘Clutch Override’, which allows you to override the automatic clutch (allowing for clutch kicking)

‘Advanced gamepad options’ are now available for joysticks… Yup somebody out there is playing DiRT Rally with a joystick

Message added indicating if you’ve missed the entrance or exit of the joker lap.

Optimised all routes for Lydden Hill so it chugs less

Graphical Improvements to all stages on the Holjes Circuit as well as the routes for Powys, Wales and Pikes Peak

Those excessive gravel surface sounds have been toned down – which should also help with stuttering audio

Fixed an issue where the Community delta time splits were being incorrectly shown in the Pant Mawr stage from Wales

Light pods no longer show on day routes when using the bonnet / interior cameras on certain vehicles

Direct Input slider axis enumeration has been fixed which is a fancy way of saying this should solve issues with pedal bindings, most frequently the clutch

Rallycross friend leaderboards now only show the players fastest lap time

Abandoning a Rallycross Daily Event now uploads the stage maximum, rather than the time the game was paused… oops

Jump starting certain Rallycross tracks no longer results in the players lap counter refusing to increment when passing the start/finish line

Fix for the Founder liveries disappearing after the player resets their profile

Community delta times are now displayed correctly in the standings before the event begins

The Community delta times that were invalid on some tracks have now been reset

Crossing a reset line will now always result in you receiving a penalty

The Rallycross AI will now find the correct gear at the start of the race and not comically reverse

Joker laps will now register even when exiting the joker sector backwards… Because sometimes it’s fun to show off

The AI will now take the Joker lap in a Rallycross event less than 4 laps

The AI should no longer accidently take a Joker lap when switching paths after losing control.

Did you ever see that bug where the Rallycross AI would drive into a barrier, reverse, then drive into again? It was pretty funny but we thought we better fix it

Used your data to improve our AI across all Rallycross routes. They’ll now put up much more of a challenge

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