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News Motorcycle combat game Road Rage riding onto PS4, Xbox One and PC this year


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Maximum Games has announced Road Rage as part of its 2016 lineup, a new motorcycle combat IP coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC later this year.

Yes, we know what you're thinking: as soon as you see the words "motorcycle" and "combat," it's hard not to automatically think of Road Rash, which hasn't had a new entry in over 15 years now. While Road Rash isn't an official remake of Road Rash, but it certainly sounds like it could be a spiritual successor. 

Maximum Games describe Road Rage as "a motorcycle combat game set in the dusty, dangerous town of Ashen." You'll be playing as Ace, "the newest member of the outlaw motorcycle club controlling Ashen with its underground crime," with the aim to rise the ranks and become the gang's president using your skills on a bike across various missions.

Details are pretty scarce for now, but Maximum Games has confirmed that Road Rage will feature 42 story missions, 40 battle moves and 11 fully customisable bikes. 

Road Rage isn't to be confused with Road Redemption, a separate motorcycle racing IP that also takes its inspiration from Road Rash. It's currently in development by Dark Sea Games following a successful Kickstarter campaign and can currently be bought on Steam Early Access.

Do you welcome a new Road Rash-style motorcycle combat game on current-gen platforms?

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