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News MotoGP arcade impressions from EAG 2016


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We got to grips with the arcade version of MotoGP at the EAG 2016 event which was the big surprise for the arcade scene so far this year.

MotoGP was situated at the Bandai Namco area and consisted of four-player link up with of course four cabinets and four bikes to race on. Seeing as the MotoGP games over the years have been aiming for a simulation experience it was natural for us to believe this arcade machine might also possess a decent level of depth to the handling model.

However this was definitely not the case as we found out by negotiating the very first corner. Here you won't be applying a combo of front and rear brake pressure to optimise your lines and exit speed, instead you are encouraged to take most turns at full throttle only decelerating for sharpest turns the game throws at you. The layouts of the various tracks lacked accuacy, so much so in fact that they were pretty comical, check out the action below.

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