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News MotoGP 17 to feature brand new Managerial Career mode


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Italian racing game developer Milestone has announced that their upcoming MotoGP 17 title will feature a newly added Managerial Career mode.

motogp 17 The new Managerial Career promises to put you in the shoes of the Team Manager as you make decisions that will determine the success of your team in the World Championship.

You will be expected to manage a number to different resources to create a winning team and to motivate young riders towards being victorious. Each victory accomplished increases your reputation and you'll earn credits to further enhance your riders' performance.

As your reputation grows you will begin to receive offers from official sponsors which earn you even more credits. These credits can be invested into the best bike models and indeed the best riders. Along with your chosen biker, you'll need to hire an additional 5 AI riders who will compete across all of the available disciplines.

Elsewhere, you can invest in more than ten team departments including Nutritionists, Athletic Preparation Team and Sports Management to ensure success across the three different classes found within the title. Finally, you can invest in the R & D department to help to guarantee the best bikes and components.

The Managerial Career mode will hopefully freshen up the latest title in a long line of officially licensed MotoGP games released every year, fortunately we won't have long to wait to see it in action as MotoGP 17 will release for the Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 on June 15.

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