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News MotoGP ’14 screenshots showcase next-gen bikes and YEBIS 2 technology


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Game: MotoGP 2014

Platform: PC

Publisher: Milestone S.r.l

Release Date: 20/06/2014

As with practically every Milestone release, the reveal of MotoGP '14 has been a tantalysingly slow burner. Indeed, it's been a recurring pattern: first we were teased by the uncompromising announcement trailer, before being treated to some track screenshots deliberately devoid of bikes. Frustrating considering, y'know, it's a bike game. 

Thankfully, these latest screenshots reveal exactly how the bike models will look on the PS4. Unsurprisingly, the detail applied to the bikes is a noticeable step-up to MotoGP '13, but we have still yet to see the game in motion to pass further judgement. If this is an early indication, expect the inevitable inaugural gameplay trailer to crop up sooner rather than later. 

Furthermore, Milestone has outlined some of the leaps in graphics technology powering MotoGP 14 made possible by the next-gen hardware. MotoGP '14 will utilise the YEBIS 2 middleware engine from Silicone Studios, which was last seen running a Final Fantasy PS4 tech demo, to power the visual effects. The post processing effects apparently allow the developers to elevate the graphical quality without sacrificing develpment resources.

“YEBIS 2 has enabled our development team to fine tune our visual effects to true next-gen quality levels”, said Andrea Basilio, Game Director Milestone. “Our aim with MotoGP™14 is to bring the most true-to-life superbike racing experience ever seen and using the YEBIS 2 middleware enabled us to achieve the finest optical effects. In short, YEBIS 2 fine-tuned our visuals enabling the dev team to fine tune the gameplay to perfection as you can see from the comparison screen we’ve recently released”, concludes Basilio.

To give you an idea exactly how this will affect MotoGP '14 in-game, feast your eyes on some comparisons with YEBIS 2 on and off: 

“Through the power of YEBIS 2, developers can create fantastic visual effects that complement their games,” says Takehiko Terada, CEO of Silicon Studio. “As seen in the incredibly realistic lighting effects seen in MotoGP™14, YEBIS 2 has the flexibility and power to achieve the visuals goals of any game developer."

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