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MotoGP… a popular motorcycle racing sport, and a popular video game series that's been around on many platforms for quite a few years. 

Hang on (no, not Hang-On)… I've said all of this already.

MotoGP 14 is much closer to what I was expecting, and then a little more besides.

"Motorsport Simulation" That's a phrase I hear quite often and one which could be applied to this game. Take a particular motorsport, the rules, the general structure, the sights and sounds, put them all together in a game with "realistic" physics, but in a way that's quite easy to pick up and play, and probably a good bit easier than doing the real thing.

Thing is… I've ridden motorbikes in real life, and somehow, I found that easier to do than in this game. I mean, sure, I wasn't racing, but I was certainly able to ride round a corner at speed and not go off the road or drop the bike.

Absolutely not!

Not for everyone then.

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