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Game: MotoGP 2014

Platform: PC

Publisher: Milestone S.r.l

Release Date: 20/06/2014

Today is the day bike gaming enthusiasts have been waiting for: the European launch day for MotoGP '14, Milestone's latest bike simulation that marks the Italian developer's first foray into the next generation on PS4. 

For PS4 owners pining for a serious racing game, MotoGP '14's timing couldn't be better. Currently, there's a choice of the flashy but flawed Need for Speed Rivals and…well, that's it. At least until towards the end of the year, anyway – there's going to be some serious congestion ahead as DriveClub, The Crew and Project CARS battle it out on Sony's system. Granted, bike racing won't suit every racing game fan's taste who favor four wheels over two, but MotoGP '14 can safely claim to be the first bonafide racing simulation available on PS4, and will be holding its own for quite some time, it seems. 

MotoGP '14 lands on PS4 with near photorealistic graphics, with particularly lavish lighting effects powered by YEBIS 2, redesigned audio and the obligatory physics engine upgrades to bump up the authenticity. There are also a plethora of new game modes to savpir such as Real Events, which lets you reenact historical moments with veteran champion riders over the last few decades. Then there's the bizarre Safety Car mode, which lets you drive a BMW M4 Coupe safety car around a time trial track. Seriously.  

To celebrate today's release, Milestone have released a new launch trailer showcasing the game's upgraded visuals, slick weather effects and detailed bike models, courtesy of some gratuitous slow-mo shots. I can't think where they got that idea from


U.S. players will also be able to get into the action this September

Be sure to steer onto the TeamVVV YouTube channel, where we have plenty of comprehensive MotoGP '14 coverage to view, plus lots of post-launch coverage to come. What are your impressions of MotoGP '14 so far?

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