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News MotoGP ’14 announced for next-gen


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Game: MotoGP 2014

Platform: PC

Publisher: Milestone S.r.l

Release Date: 20/06/2014

Just as we predicted in our exhaustive 2014 racing games preview, Milestone has announced MotoGP '14, the successor to last year's MotoGP '13, for release in June. What's notable here, however,  is that this will be Milestone's inaugural next-gen release, as Moto GP '14 will be landing on PS4 as well as PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360 and PC. 

The game will of course chronicle the 2014 season which is about to commence, but Milestone promise a host of technical and social improvements that will utilise the power of the PS4, including a completely redesigned graphics engine applicable to all platforms, new audio design, real time lighting effects, improved graphical detail and an evolutionised multiplayer experience.

// All in all, this should be the best looking bike game yet, as the next-generation hardware will further allow Milestone to further realise their ambition for authenticity. We're still curious why it isn't getting a release on Xbox One, though. 

More news as we have it, but keep checking back on the TeamVVV website for any upcoming screenshots and gameplay videos.  

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