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Game: MotoGP 2013

Platform: PC

Publisher: Milestone S.r.l

Release Date: 20/06/2013

Following on from our last look at the Mugello circuit, Milestone has cooked up a fresh new batch of tasty screenshots for MotoGP 13 showcasing one of the UK's most famous race tracks: Silverstone. 

Aside from the usual environment and bike eye candy, these screenshots aim to attract your attention to MotoGP '13's dynamic weather system. If this is any indication, then Milestone certainly has a good grasp of Britain's sporadic weather patterns, whereby sunny skies suddenly become shrouded with overcast rain clouds. 

It's also been confirmed that you will be able to change the weather in the options before a race, with a choice of five preset effects. "Adapting to different weather conditions is something requested both by players and real riders", explains MotoGP '13's Game Director Michele Caletti. "The five possibilities vary from sunny day to rainy one including a dynamic weather which could start with sunny and turn into rain during the race. Beyond the spectacular graphics effect, this change will have several influences on the track forcing the rider to adapt to these new conditions lap by lap."

While it's nothing really revolutionary considering that dynamic weather has been an integral part of Codemasters's fabled F1 series for years, it's an encouraging sign that shows Milestone is taking feedback on-board and upping their game to stay on track with the competition. Dynamic weather effects have also been long-requested for WRC – it's therefore not unreasonable to hope that MotoGP '13 is pre-empting its belated inclusion in WRC4.

We've gathered all of the released screenshots in the gallery below, but we should get to see more of Silverstone soon. We're promised that a new gameplay video is on the horizon, so check back soon. 

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