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Game: MotoGP 2013

Platform: PC

Publisher: Milestone S.r.l

Release Date: 20/06/2013

With the MotoGP championship currently underway, Milestone has released a shiny new set of previews that showcase several previously unseen tracks for MotoGP '13.

Picture-perfect reproductions of the Jerez (which was featured in the recent gameplay trailer), Sepang and Laguna Seca circuits are all featured, and there's very little to complain about graphics-wise. Indeed, from what we've seen so far the environmental detail far surpasses anything we've seen before in a MotoGP game. 

The picturesque panoramic shots of the circuits perfectly highlight Milestone's advancements in graphical prowess. but it's the screenshot of the rider falling off the bike that intrigues me most.

Developers rarely get the art of kissing the tarmac quite right – veer into a corner with too much exuberance in previous MotoGP games, and the resulting crash would be somewhat anticlimactic, with a pathetically jerky, unnatural animation representing the tumbling rider. Hopefully Milestone will set a new example, and judging from the animation seen in the debut gameplay trailer where the rider nearly loses it, there's certainly cause for optimism. 

In addition, the minimum and recommended PC requirements for MotoGP '13 have also been confirmed, which we've listed below:

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows®XP™ SP2, Windows®Vista™ or Windows®7 

Hard disk space: 5,5 GB 

Video Card: NVIDIA® Geforce 8800 GT or, AMD® Radeon™ HD 3870 or higher (it must be able to manage Pixel Shader 3.0) with at least 512MB of display memory

Recommended Requirements:

Processor: Intel™ Core 2 Duo / AMD™ Athlon 64 X2 or higher 

Screen: 19” LCD Wide Screen or bigger.

Supported peripherals: Xbox 360 Controller

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