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News More Battlefield 1 details revealed, hitting EA Access October 13th


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DICE's upcoming First world-war shooter Battlefield One has been showing itself at E3 this week and here at Team VVV we're rounding up what we've learnt from the games multiple showings at this year's E3.

A new trailer showcased some of the features we can expect. Dynamic weather systems will play a part as procedurally generated enviromental conditions will affect your weapons and vehicles. 64 Player battles are back and thanks to what EA call 'Intuitive destruction' enviromental objects  can be destroyed letting players carve different paths through each map giving each playthrough a different expierence.  

This is a sentiment the design team seemed keen to reiterate: "We want to make sure that no battle is ever the same for the players" said Senior Producer Aleksander Grøndal "…we’re giving the fans variety for game play and creativity"

Variety is definitely the flavour of this game as it will take you through a variety of campaigns spanning not just the the full length of the war but multiple different locations giving a multitude of stories for the players to experience. From the Alpine regions to the Adriatic cost, there will be plenty of different challenges.


Air based combat has also been shaken up by the inclusion of Behemoths – large game transforming vehicles that can be called upon to end a game or turn it in your favour. These vehicles will depend on your enviroment but can range from a armoured trains to Blimp airships and beyond.  

Grøndal also confirmed that the game will be having an open beta  prior to launch giving fans a chance to experience the upcoming title and give feedback. It's not just for show as EA has recently showed they're not afraid to listen to consumer response to these tester session recently delaying Mirrors Edge Catalyst based on player feedback.

Xbox One fans also got some good news as the wait to play the shooter got a little shorter as it was revealed the game will be be coming a week early to EA Access subscribers.

EA Access is available to Xbox One owners for £3.99 a month here

Battlefield One is available for preorder now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The Game will be fully released on October 21st 2016

PS4 Players who pre-order the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition can play early on October 18th.

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