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News MonstAR Truck brings free augmented reality racing to iOS


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Those who believe that augmented reality is a colossal gimmick will probably snarl at this latest effort from UK developer Outplay Entertainment. For everyone else, however, it's hard not to marvel at the clever technology on display. Especially when it's free. 

Aptly-named MonstAR Truck, this new free app allows you to control a miniature monster truck with your iPhone or iPod, using augmented reality to practically turn your living room into an interactive race track. Outplay encourages the use of "desks, sofas, gardens, younger siblings – the possibilities are endless!" After all, who could resist the opportunity to maul their sibling with a virtual monster truck?

In reality, it's another simple coin-collecting game against the clock (90 seconds in this case) with added nitrous pickups and obstacles to avoid. Not that we're complaining, of course – for a free app, it will surely provide hours of infantile joy.

You can try out MonstAR Truck right now by downloading it from iTunes here. Looks I'll be reliving my childhood memories of playing with my toy Bigfoot Monster Truck pretending to crush my Matchbox cars lined up on the coffee table…oh wait, I'm an Android man. Damnit.

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