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Indie developer and publisher, Crescent Moon Games, have recently made their iOS racer Slingshot Racing available to obtain completely free of charge for an undisclosed limited time.

In Slingshot Racing you need to touch your mobile device's screen which will deploy your hook to the nearest tower to slingshot you through the turn. The game is all about timing and taking the shortest distance around the track all while avoiding hitting things such as snowmen and losing speed. Check out the gameplay video below to see the slingshot mechanic in action.

Slingshot Racing features a total of 80 races all with different objectives and settings. Pickups racer for example tasks you to collect all of the cogs scattered around the track, time trials offers you the opportunity to hone you lap times and compete with others on the game's online leader boards, there's even a mode whereby you must outrun the 'chomper' as it does its best to hunt you down and turn you into scrap metal.

Slingshot Racing also offers you the chance to compete with your friends in its hectic 4-player multiplayer races which include mini tournaments and random races. Throw in achievements and challenges and you have a nice little package especially for free.  

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