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News MOBA-inspired indie game Switchblade coming to Early Access on 28th August


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Game: Switchblade

Platform: PC, PS4


Release Date: 28/08/2018

The MOBA-inspired indie game Switchblade will be launched on the PC and PlayStation 4 platforms on 28th August as an Early Access title.

Developed by the Liverpool-based studio Lucid Games, Switchblade is a team-based battle game that places an emphasis on strategy and players co-operating with each other.

Team members will need to adapt their roles on the fly in response to the changing in-game situations, with healing injured team mates being one of the ways in which players can assist each other during matches.

An array of amed battle vehicles will be available to use in Switchblade’s matches. Players will also be able to seamlessly select their vehicle of choice during battles – further emphasising the need to be flexible as the game progresses.

Battles will take place in arena-style environments, with each team having an array of towers they’ll need to defend from the opposition.

Switchblade will officially launch as an Early Access title for the PC and the PlayStation 4 on 28th August. Players who purchase the Early Access version of the game will also have access to an exclusive Founders Pack, with Lucid Games confirming it will reveal more details on the content in the coming weeks.

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