Milestone confirms play testing opportunities are "coming soon".(UPDATED) - Team VVV

News Milestone confirms play testing opportunities are “coming soon”.(UPDATED)


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UPDATED: Milestone's Playtesting oppurtunities are currently available only to Italian residents. It is unknown at this moment in time when this feature is opened up to those of other nationalities

The Italian racing game studio Milestone has revealed it'll be eventually allowing play testers to help fine tune their upcoming titles.

Unveiled alongside the recently-redesigned website, the MotoGP '13 and WRC4 developer will soon allow anyone who's willing to participate in its Playtesting programme, regardless of whether the applicant is "a casual or hardcore gamer, if you play on smartphone or if you already own next-gen consoles"

Further details reveal there'll apparently be two separate categories fo file the Playtesting applicants into: "Over 18" and "Under 18". Online polls will also play a part in Milestone's player and audience feedback on its future racing games..

At time of writing, Milestone hasn't confirmed when it'll open up its Playtesting feature, other than simply stating it'll be "coming soon".

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