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News Milestone announces “in-game commentary support” for MotoGP ’13


James Allen


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Game: MotoGP 2013

Platform: PC

Publisher: Milestone S.r.l

Release Date: 20/06/2013

Milestone has officially confirmed the commentators for the MotoGP series will be featured in the upcoming licenced racing game.

In an announcement earlier today, the Italian development studio announced the voices of MotoGP reporters and pundits had been acquired for "in-game commentary support", with the first confirmed commentating personality being Gavin Emmett (whose vocals were used in a previous trailer for MotoGP '13).

No details so far of who the other commentators will be have been announced yet, though it will be interesting to see if other vocal talents are sourced from outside of the official MotoGP circle, such as BBC Sport's crew of commentators.

The accompanying video that Milestone released (which we've embedded below) also marks the first "Making of" clip for the MotoGP game, which could pave the way for a 'Dev Diary' style of behind-the-scenes video series.


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