News Microsoft to allegedly acquire Forza Horizon developer Playground Games


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The Forza Horizon developer Playground Games is seemingly set to be acquired by Microsoft, according to a UK company registar.

According to publically accessible documents on the UK Companies House website, Microsoft's Vice President, Keith Dolliver, was appointed a director at Playground Games on 29th May 2018.

Further details from UK Companies House reveal Keith Dolliver is a key figure at other Microsoft-owned companies in the UK too – ranging from software firms such as Havok and Touch Type, to game developers like Rare and the now-defunct Lionhead Studios

Set up in 2009 by former senior Codemasters personnel, Playground Games has had a long-running working relationship with Microsoft. As well as developing all of the core Forza Horizon games to date, the Leamington Spa-based studio is also allegedly working on a new open world RPG entry in the Fable series.

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