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News Micro Machines out now for iOS devices and it’s free


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The famous miniature racing title Micro Machines returns to our lives on iOS mobile devices, oh and it's free to download.

Micro Machines can be found on the App Store and features lots of new stuff never seen in a Micro Machines title before. Micro Machines for iOS features 10 tabletop tracks and four player combative racing. There's a very impressive selection of 60 vehicles at launch and just as many weapon modifications from shrink rays to the rather toasty flame thrower.

The game runs at 60 frames per second which shows up quite a lot of racing games in recent past and has a social focus at its core with ample player versus player content. Codemasters will continue to support Micro Machines over the coming months including content from other Hasbro brands.

Check out the launch trailer for Micro Machines on iOS devices below.

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