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News Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG arrives in Assetto Corsa


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Game: Assetto Corsa

Platform: PC, PS4, XBox One

Publisher: 505 Games

Release Date: 19/12/2014

Mercedes-Benz's gullwinged supercar is now available in the Assetto Corsa Early Access beta, courtesy of developer Kunos's latest update for the title.

Accompanying the SLS AMG content-wise in the update are an all-new track for the PC racing sim – the shortened 'Sprint' version of the Nurburgring GP circuit – along with a new intro video in the form of the SLS AMG trailer embedded below.

The '0.22' build also brought an array of improvements to the still-in-development sim racer, ranging from new tyre simulation models and revised force feedback to updates to the AI programming.

A full changelog can be found in the official patch notes below:

  • In-game apps must now be enabled in the game’s launcher under Options > General – Added new car Mercedes SLS
  • Added new track Nurburgring Sprint
  • Tyre model modifications, more direct and “alive” FFB on all cars. We advice less FF “effects”
  • AI modifications for Mercedes SLS AMG & McLaren MP4 12C street
  • fixed drag race
  • All cars with H pattern manual gearbox, when used with paddles, can now enable autocut-off autoblip assist properly. The timings are slower than what you can achieve with an H shifter hardware.
  • Fixed multiplayer leaderboard logic
  • Fixed bugs in multiplayer GUI
  • Overlay leaderboard implemented (Press F9 to cycle between 4 different modes)
  • Fixed horn & lights in multiplayer
  • Graphics & CPU Performance improvements
  • Multiplayer Blacklist system improved
  • Intro video at first launch, possible to disable it from options
  • Replay Size reduced
  • Replay frame interpolation improved
  • Time Attack : fixed crash when trying to load open tracks & lap estimation formula improved
  • Setup Force Feedback setting page improved
  • ksEditor : notify when skinned mesh is imported with a wrong scale
  • ksEditor : fixed IN/OUT camera normalized start-end position not rendering on spline during camera editing
  • Fixed small random flashes during gameplay
  • Added dedicated leaderboard APP
  • Updated TAB key ingame leaderboard with a new look and functions
  • Skidmarks start shape fixed and rendering is now faster
  • Python apps can be enabled / disabled from the launcher
  • Fixed bug “return to pits and lap counting in some special cases”
  • Added Python camera control
  • Fixed tyres jittering at low speeds
  • Fixed missing wheels when AI car brake its engine and goes to pits
  • Physics related rules : now cars must respect their defined set of rules in order to run on the track
  • Track cameras now place the car in the middle of the screen
  • Post Process App selector : fixed loading of default ppEffects.ini
  • AI improvements
  • Improved Drag AI
  • Skidmarks are now disabled when setting World Detail to minimum
  • Dynamic track randomness now less pronounced

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