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For those who, like us, are seriously passionate about racing games, a fully-fledged gaming cockpit to play our PC and console sim titles on is something that's right up there on the sim racer's wishlist.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or the means to build our very own from scratch. A recently-posted listing on eBay, though, does offer one seriously interesting shortcut…

As stated in the advert, the rig in question is an ex-hire fibreglass unit that resembles the first 3/4 of a lower tier single-seater racing car, which in itself is impressive in itself.

What makes this cockpit stand out, though, are what comes with it: alongside the rig, an undisclosed Logitech wheel and pedals set, a 2.1 speaker system, 19inch and 37inch monitors, a Top Gear-style magnetic lap time board and all the required cables.

The only major bit of kit that isn't included with the buncle, though, is the PC that's needed to actually play the PC titles on. It's also collection only, which might be of an issue to prospective buyers who reside quite a way away from the seller's location in Liverpool.

At its at-time-of-writing listing of £1,800, this ex-hire rig is certainly pretty good value, If you're interested, do bid sooner rather than later, as it's likely the price will rocket up during the closing days of the item's listing!

We'd really love it if a Team VVV member ends up being the winning bidder: we think it would make a mighty-fine addition to our Gaming Set-Up thread in our forums!

All images sourced from the eBay listing. All rights belong to their respective owner.

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