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News McLaren reportedly making a road-legal Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo


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McLaren is reportedly bringing its wild Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo concept car to the public road.

According to the UK motoring magazine Autocar, McLaren is working with a client to build a road-legal car derived from the Vision Gran Turismo track car that was added to Gran Turismo Sport in October 2017.

In the PlayStation 4-exclusive racing game, the McLaren Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo is an extremely powerful and advanced machine. The petrol-electric hybrid powertrain produces a combined 1,150 horsepower, and the car has adjustable bodywork panels that can function as active aero parts.

According to Autocar, it’s unknown if the finished car will officially be revealed, as McLaren is letting the client decide whether the vehicle should be shown off to the public.

If McLaren is building a road-legal Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo, it won’t be the first time a Gran Turismo design study has previewed a road car. For example, the Aston Martin Valkyrie hypercar is partially derived from the Red Bull X-Series fictional racing cars and Aston Martin’s DP-100 Vision Gran Turismo concept car.

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