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News McLaren licencing secured for Project CARS


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After what seems like an age since the last licencing agreement was signed, Slightly Mad Studios has secured the rights to feature McLaren Automotive's legendary supercars in Project CARS.

As part of the new deal, Slightly Mad will eventually end up adding five McLarens to the game throughout its development phase, ranging from the legendary McLaren F1 to the current MP4-12C and the McLaren P1 that's been featured quite a few times in our Forza Motorsport 5 coverage.

On top of the road-legal machinery, a duo of Macca race cars in the form of the F1 GTR and the homologated 12C GT3 will also find their way into Project CARS via a pre-alpha build.

No time frame windows for each of the McLaren's respective release dates in the title weren't disclosed, though – since we've recently got outselves hold of a top-notch PC setup – we'll hopefully have some footage of the five Maccas on the channel sooner rather than later…

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