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News McLaren has “something special” in the works!


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The McLaren Formula One team has been dominating the headlines as of late for both good (Jenson Button's win at Spa last weekend) and bad (Lewis Hamilton's silly telemetry Tweet) reasons, but the road car division has been a bit quiet as of late.

After all, the only noteworthy announcement regarded the one-off X1 it built for a long term (and presumably very wealthy) McLaren aficionado that was unveiled at the Pebble Beach gathering a few weeks ago.

However, that may be about to change soon: it seems the folk at Woking have something very special in store for us, as it posted this intriguing update on its Facebook page:

"You'll have noticed that we've been a bit quiet lately. We're building up to something exciting. Stay tuned and you'll be the first to hear all our news, as it breaks. Trust us, it'll be worth it…"

As a result, even at this early stage (the 'news' was, at time of writing, announced just ten minutes or so ago), there's been intense speculation as to what this new thing they're preparing could possibly be.

Some are suggesting it'll be the upcoming successor to the iconic F1 supercar, the car that's currently known to the press and public only by its internal code name 'P12'. However, given McLaren's intentions to step-up its 'Special Operations Division', we wouldn't discount it being a bespoke MP4-12C that's been commissioned by a client with a lot of money going spare.

Either way, be sure to check back in the coming days – if it is the P12 or something similar to that, we'll definitely be covering it as soon as it's announced.

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